Welcome to the Chennai Advanced Rehabilitation Center

  • TIME : 9:00 AM TO 9:00 PM

Assessment Phase

In the Assessment Phase, CARC begins by assessing the patients’ physical and mental ability. This includes the degree of the problem, cause, abilities for living, mental health, support system. 

There will also be a First-Term, Mid-Term and Final-Term of evaluation to ensure the goals, strategy, action plan are relevant, effective, efficient, sustainable and impactful.

Education Phase

In the Education Phase, CARC tries to establish a rapport with the patient, educate them on their condition, rights, prognosis and facilities. This makes a patient adequately prepared and informed to manage their disease, instructions from their therapist, and potential effects of intervention, The more clearly a disease is understood, the more comfortable an individual would be with their care and adhere to necessary regimens.

Goal Setting

Goal Setting is an integral part which lies between Assessment and Intervention Phase. CARC has developed a new goal setting strategy called Collaborative Functional Goal setting, where the patient, team and family cumulatively decide on realistic, achievable and patient specific goal. This will be constantly monitored to ensure we attain its fullest potential.

Intervention Phase

The Intervention Phase in CARC is novel. After a patient has been assessed, the problem and the need of the patients becomes the primary goal. If the patient’s physical state needs to be addressed first, the clinician and the physiotherapist leads the team. If the patient’s mental health needs to be addressed, the psychotherapist leads the team. In this way, the client most pressing need is addressed and prioritized.